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    The weekly Wednesday Night Live Program of the First Presbyterian Church of Bluefield, West Virginia is a part of the educational and fellowship ministries of FPC. It is held from September through May. This evening offers a fine dinner at a modest cost with educational programs to follow. Programs for all ages are provided including a nursery for our youngest children.

    Church members and their friends throughout the community meet at 5:45 p.m. in Mattox Hall each Wednesday night to receive a delicious meal, have fellowship together, and enjoy a religious or secular program intended for all age groups.  Everyone is welcome.

   Our church music program is outstanding!  If you are into music you will love it! Our choir director and organist is Don Kensinger  who shares with us his training from major music centers in Cincinnati, Michigan and New Jersey.  He offers extensive background in choral expertise.  He has been with us for over 40 years. The choral program offers an active adult choir. 

    Whether you enjoy participating or listening, it is exceptional! We encourage you to participate!

PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN: The Presbyterian Women's organization of First Presbyterian Church offers Bible study, service, and fellowship through circles which meet on the second Wednesday of each month, two circles meet at 1:30 p.m. One evening circle, at 6:30 on the second Tuesday of each month, is available to women who prefer this meeting time.  Presbyterian Women have two general meetings a year, a Spring Gathering for election of officers and presentation of a Life Membership, and a Fall Gathering for installation of officers and the annual business meeting.  A Coordinating Team of officers, committee moderators, and circle moderators provides leadership in the women's work within the local congregation and encourages support of the mission of the church worldwide.  Membership in Presbyterian Women is open to all those who choose to participate in, or be supportive of, this organization in any way.

YOUTH:  First Presbyterian Church has a very active youth program for both junior and senior high youth.  They meet both Wednesday nights for Bible Study, mission and service projects, games, fund raisers, community involvement, trip outings, etc. and Sunday evenings for their regular gatherings.   They are also visible in many aspects of worship such as ushering, music, dramas, dance, etc.  They are led by a full time director of fellowship and a group of volunteer youth workers.  These young people are a vital part of the future and present of First Presbyterian Church.